Dear Nancine,

In May 2021, thingNY presented our new piece Dear Nancine as part of the Look + Listen Festival: At Home Edition. 131 people from all over the US signed up for free tickets to participate, and each audience member received nine pieces of mail from members of thingNY over the course of the month. Below, you'll find documentation of each mailing, along with a link to hidden content that audience members were able to access by going to[DateOnThatMailing]. The final mailing, sent on 5-27-21, contained consistent text but differed in appearance depending on which member of thingNY sent it; versions sent by Dave Ruder and Paul Pinto are included below.

4-29-21 mailing [online content]
5-3-21 mailing [online content]
5-6-21 mailing [online content]
5-10-21 mailing [online content]
5-13-21 mailing [online content]
5-17-21 mailing [online content]
5-20-21 mailing [online content]
5-24-21 mailing [online content]
5-27-21 mailing [online content]